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Playcare for your Dog!
Planet Canine is all about dogs
Saturday & Sunday - 8-10am / 4-6pm        EXCEPT FOR NOVEMBER & DECEMBER.
Closed to humans on major holidays

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They come to play. They run around. They sleep. They make friends and at the end of the day they feel happy, loved and part of a community. Heck, they're ready to put on a show.....about how great it is to be a dog with other dogs! 

Kate Marden is owner and goddess of Planet Canine, in business since 1995 in San Rafael, California. Steve Leeder is just that, manager and leader of the pack. Steve and Kate believe in letting dogs play, in letting them hang out to have a bit of fun, supervised, of course; it keeps them off the streets and saves a lot of shoes from death by chewing. Your dog can come to daycare or even have a sleepover! 

Dogs are pack animals and don't like to be alone. They see you and your family as part of their pack, so when you are away for the day your dog is at a loss. Planet Canine offers a second pack for your dog to be a part of while you are at work or away on holiday.  

Sorry, no finger painting here because dogs don't have fingers; dogs that read are encouraged to do so because we don't have cable television.

Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your Dog to the Planet

1. We are open most everyday! Mon-Fri: 7:00-11:30 am and 2:30-7 pm, weekends 8-10 am and 4-6 pm. Closed to humans (pick-ups and drop-offs) on major holidays.

2. You won't find any 'surprises' in your favourite shoes when you get home from work. 

3. Planet Canine offers a peace of mind alternative to leaving your dog home alone. Consider it a play group for your dog. 

4. You don't spend your day wondering if that new couch is still in one piece. 

5. Dogs have fun with other dogs! Studies have shown that if dogs are denied the opportunity to play, they may develop physical and/or behavioral problems. 

6. Your curtains will still be attached to the wall when you return at the end of your day.

7. Our convenient location provides an indoor play area, roomy bunks for napping and a clean and sanitary outdoor play area. 

8. Dogs may have up to nine hours a day of playtime, making them pretty tired when they get back home. This is especially beneficial for long term boarding dogs. It may not be home, but a pup gets lots of pets and love and play to hold 'em until their people come back. 

9. Our playcare and boarding program provides separate sleep areas at night and at nap-time. Your dog spends the day with the regular daycare gang. Bedding and your dogs diet are maintained as part of the boarding fee. We have snacks at nap-time, a large outdoor play yard and plenty of places to rest. 

10. Best of all, your furry friend is thrilled to see you at the end of the day, every day. They greet you as though you are the finest thing to ever walk the earth, every time they see you! The novelty never wears off!


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